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Lung Cancer Surgery - Pulmonary Lobectomy

The standard treatment for curable lung cancer remains pulmonary lobectomy, which can be performed through a minimally invasive approach, utilizing robotic technology to perform a more precise operation leading to shorter hospital stays, less pain and earlier recovery with the potential for improved survival as a result of the minimally invasive technique. Despite the proven benefits of minimally invasive surgery, only a small percentage of surgeons are able to perform these procedures.

Giant Paraesophageal Hernia

The enhanced vision of today's camera systems including robotic technology and instrumentation allows the surgeon to forego large open incisions and essentially place his/her hands ("robotic instruments") through dime sized incisions to perform the same open operation without the morbidity and prolonged recovery, associated with open surgery.

Robotic Esophageal Tumor Resection

The application of robotic instrumentation to minimally invasive surgery gives the surgeon the ability to have 10X magnification, 4X optical zoom in addition to limiting motion to allow for a more detailed visualization of the anatomy which can lead to a more precise resection and overall surgical procedure.

Robotic Laparoscopic Heller Myotomy

First treated in 1672 by Sir Thomas Willis, achalasia had been traditionally treated with esophageal dilatation. Robotic Heller Myotomy combined with partial fundoplication represents state of the art treatment for achalasia, resulting in symptomatic relief of dysphagia in over 90% with the smallest chance of esophageal perforation, when compared with esophageal dilatation, which is associated with 70% improvement of symptoms and up to 6% perforation rate. Medications have been shown to ineffective in treatment of achalasia. Botox is reserved for patients who are unfit for surgery, but is a temporary treatment without longterm success.